Firefox Nightly Campaign at Madurai

July 30, 2017


During the month of May and June 2017, Mozilla India have organised a campaign called India Uses Firefox Nightly especially for the developers of India to enjoy the pre-released version of Firefox. The main motto of this campaign is to create awarness about pre-release version available as Nightly and targeting more power users for nightly. Contributing for Nightly is the easy way to make Firefox more stable during its initial stage of development before getting released in the mainstream. Mozilla Tamilnadu community is very happy to be the part of this campaign and organised a event called “Firefox Nightly Campaign” at Madurai on June 25, 2017.

These event is organized with the objective to bring more power users for nightly and to provide platform for the students to develope and showcase their skills by contributing for Nightly were they can access to features in development months before they become establish in the mainstream, The event started with the following flow,

  • Introduction to Mozilla.
  • What is Firefox nightly?
  • Why we contribute in nightly?
  • Set yourself up with Firefox Nightly latest version.
  • Interesting tools in Nightly.
  • How to file bug in bugzilla for nightly issue.
  • Demonstration of other ways to contribution.
  • Swag distribution and Group photo.


  • No of attendees at the event: 10
  • No of Firefox Nightly installed: 10 Laptops / 5 Mobile
  • No of participants will contribute in Firefox Nightly after event: 5
  • No of people switchback to Firefox Nightly from other browsers: Almost everyone


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