Featured Add-ons e10s Compatibility sprint

September 30, 2016

Hello Mozillian!

ICYMI - In recent days, the firefox browser got it’s processing capability increased tremendously. This was achieved by the Multiprocessing feature better known as “Electrolysis” was added to Firefox. Millions of firefox users are about to use this “Multiprocess Firefox or (e10s)” very soon.

Before rolling out the update to all, one thing must be ensured. The Add-ons which are developed before should be checked if they are compatible with the new e10s.

The Featured Add-ons are the recommended add-ons which are used by Millions of firefox users. These must be tested and verified because users would not like to use add-ons which has bugs.

And here we are inviting you to participate in the online-sprint which aims to verify the compatibility of Featured Add-ons.

Date : October 11 2016 - Tuesday. Timing : 7:00-10:00 pm.

Instructions can be found in this etherpad

Join us and make firefox better :)

Update : As per the request of many contributors the sprint is extented to this weekend ( Oct 16th 2016 ) :) Happy Contributing

#MozActivate #MozActivateIN


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