MozillaTN Meetup 2017 at Coimbatore Call for Participation

December 9, 2016

Hola Mozillians of Tamilnadu,

We are pleased to announce that we are kickstarting our first ever biggest cohort MozillaTN Meetup 2017 on January 2017 at Coimbatore. Mozilla Tamilnadu community is one of the biggest & growing communities in India with a good number of quality contributors.

MozillaTN meetup 2017

MozillaTN Meetup 2017 is an annual gathering where all active & potential mozillians across Tamilnadu comes together to share experiences and interact with people, discuss on the goals, activities and brainstorm on the year plan for each of the mozilla’s focus areas.

Our Goals for this Meetup:

  • Develop a strategy, direction and plan for the future of the community.
  • Framing Structures & processes for the Mozilla Tamilnadu community.
  • Increase the leadership/mobilizing skills of the attendees (and develop strong onboarding programs for new community members).
  • Improve communication processes and tools, and transparency.
  • Build strong teams.
  • Build strong recognition practices.
  • Create accountability systems and a code of conduct.
  • Build a plan for increasing diversity and inclusive practice across the community

The main functional areas focussed during this meetup are:

  • Rust
  • WebVR
  • Mozilla campus clubs
  • Firefox Add-ons
  • Webcompat
  • Localization
  • WoMoz
  • Social Media

The selection criteria:

  • Record of contributions in the past 6 months is added advantage.
  • Interested in evangelizing & mobilizing about the functional areas in their region will be great.
  • Strong vision towards contributing to any one of the functional areas for the next 6 months.
  • Willingness to learn and unlearn new things.

The most important criteria we are looking for is your plan for the next 6 months in contributing to any of the functional areas. You are also allowed to share a plan for those functional areas that are not mentioned in the above list.Ex: MDN, SUMO, Codebase contribution and so on. Share you ideas and ways on which you would like to implement, in order to increase the contributor base & activities in those areas as a blog post. Once done, Make sure that you share your blog post with the bigger community on Social Media ( Twitter, Facebook & Telegram), Tag us with #MozillaTN17 (Our official hashtag for the meetup).

Read here to know more about how to write a successful plan . Check out this Sample Plan written by Prasanth

You can apply in this Google Form

Note: The deadline to apply for this event is on December 21st 6:00PM. In case of any queries please ping in our telegram group @mozillatnc & @mozillatn .

Date of Meetup : Jan 21st & Jan 22nd 2017


For selected contributors outside coimbatore we are planning to give sponsorship Partial or fully for Travel, Stay and food for both the days. We are reviewing applications so we can accomodate maximum number of contributors for this meetup.

For all participants attending the meetup, lunch will be available.

Hope to see you all @ MozillaTN17 :D

  • Update 1: Added Sponsorship details.
  • Update 2: Application deadlines changed from 18th to 21st Dec 2016


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