Weeks of Contribution 2016 - Localization

June 16, 2016

Weeks of Contribution Localization


Localization (L10n) objective is to improve the world by culturally adapting a product by region and locale and offering them to every user in every region throughout the world. By doing so, we create a world where the open web exists beyond linguistic, cultural, and geographical boundaries. We also pride ourselves on making sure that each user will love their experience with a product, regardless of language, culture, and region. A common man can adopt a software/tool without any language barrier.

What tools knowledge they should have before.

  • Passion to contribute to Open source Community Projects.
  • Passion with Language.
  • Passion for Knowledge sharing.

What the contributors going to Learn:

  • Pootle (https://mozilla.locamotion.org/)
  • Pontoon (https://pontoon.mozilla.org/)
  • Language Input Tools(Various keyboard scripts and tools)
  • You will learn how to localize an open source project
  • Satisfaction in making an impact on millions of users through your contribution.
  • Knowledge of Various localization tools and how to use it.

Target :

To localize 5000 strings by the end of 2 weeks.

Some of projects we going to focus are

  • Firefox 49
  • Firefox for Android 49
  • Firefox Accounts
  • AMO
  • SUMO
  • Firefox Hello and so on

How it will help Mozilla Community :

The nature of the Mozilla L10n a program is deeply rooted in collaboration between volunteer localizers and a lean team of Mozilla staff called the L10n drivers. The process that makes this collaboration efficient and strong can be described in four stages: an initial desire to localize Firefox, the actual localization work, pushing localized versions toward official release status, and maintaining Firefox while jumping into more projects.

Training Date

For Trainers : 29th June 2016

For New Contributors : Trainers can work with their team by teaching them the tools discussed, and the projects that has been assigned to their team between July 2nd and July 15th.


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