FoxFooding Campaign, Salem

September 19, 2021

On September 19,2021 in Sir Theagarayar N & P School, Salem Urban, Salem M/S.Bhuvana Meenakshi Mozillian representative on behalf of Mozilla Tamilnadu Community organized fox fooding campaign for the year 2021. The Sprint began at 10:00am, She gave an introduction talk on Mozilla and ways to participate in open source events.After which sprint participant M/S.Gayathri devi gave a presentation on Fox fooding campaign for android and iOS ,need for it and how to start contributing to

After the presentation every mozillians had a some time get connect with each other through which they introduce themselves with their passion towards open source contribution .Each participants started contributing , everyone achieved the personal goals set for the day and resumed to continue the contributions after the event too.To note our community has reported 25 number of bugs.In small intervals we are boosted with refreshments and snacks with a high lunch at Melange, Salem.At the end of the sprint we have submitted around clips done individually. The sprint got concluded with a feedback session at 5:00pm.

Organizer: Bhuvana Meenakshi K, Mozillian Representative , Gayathri devi. S

Participants: Jai vishnu, Abu bakkar siddiq, Ashly, Alwin, Kiruthika, Reshma, Hemanth, Anjali Sekar

Venue: Sir Theagarayar N & P School, Salem Urban, Salem

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