Salem Developer's Fest 2019

January 29, 2019

It is always wonderful to see your city growing along with the community. The growth is not only for the city but also a great boon for the developers of the city.

Salem Developer’s Fest 2019

This is the first ever Developer’s Community meetup organised by i18n solutions, Salem on 26th January 2019. The crowd was unexpected with more than 400 audience from the students’ community who were inquistive to experience this first ever show in their city. The event had 8 speakers from eminent industries who spoke about many important and trending technologies.

To me it was an honor for being invited as a speaker to my native city and also for a technical event that is going to transform the future of the city where I was born and brought up.I represented WebVR community and hosted a workshop on A-frame. Also there was a community booth run by the Salem Mozilla Community volunteers at the venue which attracted many audience. The booth mainly covered the following:

  • Firefox Lite app
  • Mozilla Privacy Campaign
  • A-frame

The Booth hosts

Before inviting the audience to the booth the hosts of the booth gave a small introduction to the above topics so as to make the participants understand the features and purpose. In this way, great efforts were taken by Abu Bakker and Karthikeyan who made the audience understand the importance of using Firefox Lite app. Also they provided a QR code tothe audience so as to easily download the app from playstore.Moreover, Fahima and Jai Vishnu did a great job by making the public aware of their browser practices by sharinig tips on Privacy as a part of “Privacy Campaign Month”. Gayathri and Jaya Prakash spreaded the word of A-frame and showed the demos using VR box.


  • This was the right platform to bring out the talents of our new contributors and also to educate other audience.
  • We made more than 200 particiapnts to install and use Firefox Lite app on their mobile phones. -300 participants attended the workshop on A-frame and gained knowledge about WebVR.

Thanks a lot to Viswaprasath and Premanath without whom this wouldn’t have been a great show! I guess this was the perfect kick start for the community and also its time to spread the wings more wider.

Once a Mozillian, always a Mozillian !!

The tweets about the event can be followed up here:


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