KiTE Mozilla is a volunteer community functioning under Mozilla Tamilnadu.

We believe in keeping the power of web in people’s hands. We envision a world where web is free and fair.

We believe the amplification of community voices and building relationships can lead to that impact of spreading ideas beyond just one community, to greater sets of audience.

Legend has it that folks here bleed code and pixels. (you can’t blame us if you encounter ambidextrous and sapiosexual people)

We are a bunch of high spirited folks. We are a team.

You and me. We and us.

We are new, bountiful and infinite. We are a fresh generation of thinkers, movers and shakers. And we hope to succeed in our first attempt.

Bleed. Flow. And remember to code.

Let’s get rid of the asterixes.

Buckle up for your journey into the world of open source.