SRMKZILLA is the Mozilla Campus Club based at SRM Institute Of Science And Technology, Kattankulathur. We are a non profit club run by a group of students. We are a part of the network of Mozilla Clubs inspired by the Mozilla Learning Network.

  • SRMKZILLA’s Mission Statement
  • 1) To create awareness about open source in the vast student fraternity of SRM university and to prove its power and potential. 2) To get students from various streams under one umbrella to contribute on open source projects. 3) To provide digital literacy to the underprivileged children and provide them with basic resources. 4) To be in constant touch with the state-wide community and to delegate the progresses on either sides.
  • Goals
  • Our Club's goals on Members Education 1) Organise workshops and weekly sessions on various topics related to web and open source. 2) Find suitable faculty members and identify other students who could teach in the university with knowledge on the above topics.
  • Our Club's goals on Membership Building
  • 1) Identify interested students across different streams of engineering who are willing to be an active part of Mozilla clubs. 2) Hold a recruitment drive to recruit members for various domains of the club. 3) Host Monthly informal informative sessions where members can share their thoughts on different topics, which increases the interaction among the members of the club.
  • Our Club's goals on Building the Web
  • 1) Assist other clubs and student bodies of the University in building their websites. 2) Take part in ongoing projects of the Mozilla community in the areas of expertise of the members. 3) Take up projects in the best interest of the members for the betterment of the student community of the University.